#OOTD(rebel on rocks)

IMG_1784IMG_1808IMG_1800IMG_1797IMG_1781Forever 21 Overall Dress, Bebe Cropped Sweater, Valentino Heels, Chanel Purse.

Happy Monday!! Hope you had a spooky weekend!! I’m still very high on chocolate as you can tell by the extra exclamation points. I live in a high rise condo in the city and i’m fully aware there’s slim to none chance of any children showing up at my door for candy on Halloween, yet each year i buy a basket full of candy just in case. As usual no kids show up my door, and well you know what that means;). On to my outfit, You might have seen some of my post from last winter wearing this socks with shoes look, which i love! I think its simply a genius way to extend wearing shoes while keeping warm and stylish at the same time, and while i’m not much of a trendy person i was super excited to see this trend remains this season. Let me know what you think.




  1. November 3, 2014 / 9:56 am

    What a rockin’ rebel! The overalls dress is super cute. The sweater is perfect showing off the front of the overalls, and allow a little of the red to peak through, tying all the reds together.

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